Office of The Deputy Vice Chancellor Development


AdvancementCentre Staff

i. Director of the Centre - Dr (Mrs) E.F.Oyebade mni

ii. Chief Development Officer - Mr Enock Ajayi

iii. Senior Development Officer - Mr. N. B. A. Ojumu

iv. Senior Confidential Secretary - Mrs. A. Adewusi

v. Chief Secretarial Assistant - Mrs. R. Y. Adeleye

vi. Higher Executive Officer (Dev.) - Mrs.F. Olaniyan

vii. Higher Executive Officer (Admin.) - Mrs. Stella F.Owolabi

viii. Senior Office Attendant - Mrs. V. A. Osamaye

IX. Motor Driver - Mr. Oluwafemi Ikotun

x Motor Driver - Mr. Akinsola Alaka

DUTIES OF ADVANCEMENT CENTRE: Advancement Centre has dual role as its where,development matters and alumni issues. It discharges both duties consecutively effectively andefficiently. Besides that, it is aprofessional job that requires professional training and vast experience beforea success can be achieved. The detailsof the job description for the Office are as follows:

Development Matters: to map out strategies for fund raising to meet the needs of the University ondevelopment projects and equipment procurement;

  • createa solid/robust database of individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, etc thatcould be approached by the University for assistance in funding specificprojects;
  • liaise with such individuals and organizations with a view to cultivating them forassistance for development programmes in the University;
  • gather information on development related matters as it affects the University andpresent such information to the Vice-chancellor from time to time and
  • liaisewith appropriate organs of the University on development matters.

Alumni Issues: to serve as a link between the University and its alumni;

  • create a database for the University on its alumni and provide information as and whennecessary or required by the University or its Alumni Association;
  • facilitate the activities of the Alumni Association and encourage the establishment ofmore branches all over the federation and abroad;
  • monitor and keep abreast of the activities of Alumni Association and channel themtowards the development of the University;
  • provide necessary information to the Alumni Association on the development activitiesof the University and seek their support as may be required from time to time;
  • liaise with the national headquarters of the Alumni Association as well as its localbranches nationwide from time to time and visit their officers as may berequired or necessary; and
  • map out strategies for raising funds through Alumni Association for the developmentand projects in the University.


Advancement Centre has reachedsome prospective donors (corporate organizations and individuals) for donationsof various kinds for teaching, learning and research facilities in theUniversity.

DONATIONS: Some of the donations received:

  • Funds for scholarships for the most brilliant students in various departments
  • Cash donations for the most brilliant indigent students in various departments
  • Cash donations for the most brilliant orphan students
  • Computers (DTPs and Laptops) for the University
  • Awards by the students successfully participating in various corporate competitions
  • Scholarships from the corporate organizations
  • Donations of laboratory equipment to various Departments and Schools


Advancement Centre had workedassiduously in diverse measures as related to Advancement Services. For the period under review, it has served asfollows:Facilitated the inauguration of University Advancement Board

Organised FUTA Greening as part of the Vision of the Vice-Chancellor

Secretariat for the University Advancement Board

Secretariat for the University Capital Campaign Launch at Lagos and Abuja

Secretariat for Sponsorships of University programmes e.g FUTA WAUGTTAT

Custodian of all documentations on University benefactions

Reliable source for database of all Alumni and friends of the University and corporateorganisations, international NGOs, national and international Foundations.

Secretariat for preparation of and editing Memorandum of Understanding in conjunction withthe legal office to be signed with the other related institutions world wide

Facilitated the inauguration of Chapters and branches of FUTA Alumni Association e.g AbujaBranch.


The Boards of Schools were sensitized on Volunteering and University Development and their roles andactivities as Senior Corporate Volunteers.

The Boards agreed to work with the Advancement Centre in the following areas:

a) Providing names and addresses of philanthropists, professional colleagues and alumni of high net worth.

b) Linking and collaborating with Advancement Centre in organizing home-coming programmes for their alumni oncourse basis. At present, the Society of Animal Production and Health and Post-graduate School had commenced.

The Advancement Centre designed “Meet and Greet” Programme to sensitize, educate and mobilize both academic andadministrative staff on volunteering, philanthropy and university development. This programme enabled thisoffice to engage all senior staff as Senior Corporate Volunteers in prospecting, cultivating, asking and stewardship to all prospective donors of the University.

Emphasis is also laid on mentoring as the students are passing through them to become alumni (present and future prospective donors).

The programme is organized at the beginning of the year for all University Community on school basis.


The efforts of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) had contributed to improvement in collaborationsand linkages. He encouraged each School and Department to utilize an interactive format produced by Advancement Centre when travelling for courses, training, workshops and conferences at national and international levels.

This office had contacted many related institutions globally in the last two years and related national andinternational Agencies and Centres in Nigeria, Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America for collaboration and linkages. Some responded and the MoUs were signed with them while waiting for reponse of others.

The Office is still working to meet a speculated target of 200 related institutions and corporate organisations on collaborations and linkages annually. That could be achieved through the cooperation of both senior academic and administrative staff attending national and international conferences. We thereby appeal to all Schools and departments that have signed MoUs with other institutions or Research Centres to make their collaborations functional as per the contents in the legal friendship documents (MoUs).


Capital Campaign Launch was one of the visions and missions of the Vice-Chancellor to procure necessaryteaching, learning, research and developmental facilities for the University due to meagre allocation being received from the Federal Government. It was designed to be organised in three zones, South-West, South East and Federal Capital Territory.

Having organised the 1st phase in Lagos on 26th April, 2008 under the chairmanship of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the Goodwill Ambassador, Chief (Dr.) Ernest A. Shonekan, GCFR, CBE, the 2nd phase took place on Thursday, 30 June, 2011 at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja under the Chairmanship of Alhaji (Dr.) Bamanga Tukur, CON, Chairman of African Business Round Table, the Goodwill Ambassador, Gen. Dr. Yakubu Gowon, GCFR and Lt.-Gen. T. Y. Danjuma, GCON as Chief Promoter. The success was achieved through the strategic support of the University Advancement Board chaired by Mr. Segun Aina, OFR, professional banker and businessman, and effective planning of the Committee set up by the University Management chaired by the immediate past Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), Prof. J. Akin Fadamiro. Donations were received both in cash and kind while follow-up activities continue.


Production of editions of ADVANCEMENT Newsletter titled “ADVANCENEWS” was effected as mandated, and wasproduced quarterly from 2009 to date. Each edition is mounted on the University Website for all FUTA Alumniand friends of the University as it is very important to relate events and activities of Advancement Centre and Alumni matters to all stakeholders, alumni, philanthropists, corporate organizations, international foundations, trusts andembassies globally. That has contributed to the positive responses from Alumni and some prospective donors towards the development of the University.

Through the commitment of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), some prospective donors had been reachedfor sponsorship of the publications of hardcopies of the newsletter.

Advancenews is now on the web page of the University, “Advancement News ”. It will enable everybody to access it and lead the prospects to donations of any kind to the University, especially the FUTA Alumni and friends of the University.

DATABASE OF ALUMNI & PROSPECTIVE DONORS: This Office has generated a robust database of all FUTA Alumni from inception. As at present, all names of FUTA graduands have been compiled while the Office is trying to secure their current contact/location addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and their respective cupations/professions. This will be fully achieved by promoting a website designed by an Alumnus (Corp member), serving at Computer Resource Centre. His efforts would enable all Alumni to update their respective data asthey key in their names and matriculation numbers or courses or departments or years of graduation. They will complete a form on the website that will feed back the Advancement Centre their details. Each School or Department may advertise in two national newspapers to request for Alumni biodata.


With the efforts of this Office, the National Executives of FUTA Alumni Association have successfully changedthe baton of leadership this January to the Care taker committee as agreed by their congress last year Novemberto pave way for a new executives. The National Executive Council of FUTA Alumni Association is working hand in hand with the Advancement Centre and witnessed the Inauguration of Abuja branch.


There are many development programmes to be implemented in the year ahead, the Office solicits for thesupports, directives and cooperations of the Management. The programmes are set to achieve the visionand mission of the University in general and the Vice-Chancellor in particular.

They are:

  • All programmes in our work plan for the Capital Campaign Launch in Port-Harcourt
  • 2. Integration/corporation of Volunteering, Philanthropic and University Development in General Studies (GNS) either as a unit or two units

    3. Reaching International organization for Grants’ proposal writing for staff

    4. Organizing interactive meeting between the Council members and all FUTA honorary graduands for fundraising and University development.

    5. Advertisement of bio-data of FUTA alumni in one or two national newspapers to update Alumni database 6. Organizing Courses/Seminars/Workshops on Fundraising and Resource Mobilization for tertiary institutions and non-governmental organization, community based organization in collaboration with international organization. CCE facilities could be used to effect this.

    7. Advancement Centre to partner with CERAD to organize programmes in order to make use of its existing facilities

    8. Organising “meet and greet” programme for students during their orientation and during students’ week.